The Itsekiri of Warri

The Itsekiri’ are an ethnic group of Warri in Delta State, of Nigeria.

 The Itsekiri with a vast population, live mainly in the Warri South, Warri North and Warri South West local government areas of Delta State of Nigeria.

Itsekiri communities can be found in parts of Edo and Ondo states and in various other Nigerian cities, which includes but not limited to Lagos, Sapele, Benin City, Port Harcourt and Abuja. Itsekiri descendants also reside in the United State, the United Kingdom and Canada among-st others.

The Itsekiris traditionally refer to their land as the Kingdom of Warri or ‘Iwerre’ as its proper name (which was named after a leaf called “ewerre” in bini language which signifies goodwill and peace).

These area is a key centre of Nigeria’s crude oil and natural gas production and petroleum refining and the main town Warri is the industrial and commercial hub of the Delta State of Nigeria.

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